On this site I want to show all  my collected Bacardi bottles. I try to limit myself to a number of collection areas. If you view my site you will automatically see which areas these are. In any case, I do not collect flavors or mini bottles. Of course I also have (mini) Bacardi bottles that are actually not part of my collection, but I am not actively looking for that bottles. Have fun viewing my collection. All my bottles are unused and with a closed cap.


I have now published more than 450  bottles on my site.

People often ask which bottle is my favorite. Without a doubt that is the 'Preparado por Bacardi'. The bottle was produced in the 1950's at the Bacardi factory in Barcelona by Francisco Alegre. Why I think this is the most beautiful bottle in my collection is difficult to say. In any case, I think that the bat logo is fantastically drawn.

Every month I expand my collection and add the obtained Bacardi bottles to my site. To make searching for these new bottles easier, I make an overview of each month.

My favorite series of bottles I find the Bacardi Oakheart with small differences in the text on the label of the front of the bottle. These text changes are specifically aimed at the different countries where the bottle was sold. I now have 6 different bottles and have also found differences in the countries of Mexico and Russia. I would like to add these three different bottles to my collection. If you have another bottle and want to sell it, you can send me a message via my website.

I would also like to thank everyone who made it possible to make my collection as it has now become.


The Bacardi bat logo has evolved over the years to the current logo (not shown on attached figure). When I refer to a bat logo, I mean the first year of using this specific bacardi logo.

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Alfredo Arboleya
2 years ago

Congratulations from Seville (Spain) . You have the best collection!!!!